A BBG’s Journey in Graphic Design

24 декабря 2020 года
Перри Шварц

Сэнди Спрингс, Джорджия, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2021 года

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Growing up, I was not the best at drawing. I never really liked doing my own art for a while. That was until I started looking at Redbubble stickers in 2019. I asked my mom if I could start a Redbubble sticker shop, and she said yes.

I had no experience in graphic design, so I began to teach myself how to use Adobe Photoshop. At the time I started my first Redbubble sticker shop, I only used photoshop. When lockdown prevented me from going out, I grew my graphic design experience by a lot. Since 2019, I have not used Photoshop just to make Redbubble stickers, I have now made myself computer wallpapers, collages for friends, and miscellaneous designs.

In my 18 months of graphic design experience, I have expanded my product range on Redbubble to anything that they offer. That Includes masks, notebooks, phone cases, apparel, and art mounts. Not only do I just use Photoshop to make my art, I also use an iPad app called Procreate, and I have expanded my sales methods with a Cricut, a cutting machine which cuts your design out for you. It can cut into anything from sticker paper to vinyl. This past summer, I began to use my Cricut a lot more and now that school is taking over my life, I have switched back to Redbubble for now.

Below is some of the general artwork I have made:

A few products that are available on my Redbubble page
A wallpaper I made for myself, Nov. 2020

To be honest, this is something I never thought I would do. Now, it has taken over my life. Do I plan to turn this into a full time business? Absolutely not.

In the meantime, you can visit my Redbubble shop here.

Perri Schwartz is a BBG from B’yachad BBG #2495 in Greater Atlanta Region #55. She has photographic memory, loves to fight for what she belives in, and hopes to be a professional journalist.

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