A Day in the Life of an IC Delegate

February 12, 2021
Хилари Готтлиб

Ливингстон, Нью-Джерси, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2023 года

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How would you like to hear about a day in the life at IC? Well, if you want to hear about one, keep reading. Today at IC there are so many programs to choose, from the Creative Corner or the Music Studio or the BBG Lounge, just too many places to visit. I think I was able to narrow it down just enough so I don’t pass out in my bed from exhaustion. First, I’m up bright and early for an 8:00 AM program called “Did someone say encore?” By the way, my chapter N’siah is running it—go Ilana! To start off the event, we had an icebreaker of what song meant the most to you; I said “Monster” by Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. We were then put into breakout rooms to create a list of songs within the three different categories, yellow, Judaism, and family. On to my next event down BBYO Boulevard, “Designing with a Creative Edge: Be a Champion” with the Chief Global Design Officer and  President of Champion Apparel! This Leadership Lab is incredible—the goal of today is to learn creative steps to evolve within clothing and apparel. During the presentation, they went through the history of Champion. Fun fact: in 1938, the reverse weave was released and created. When creating Champion’s new seasons they focus on past archives, and different trends like Color, Fabrics, and Prints and Patterns. If the season isn’t within the trends then the season might not do well. I then went a little further down BBYO Boulevard to the BBG Lounge where I got to attend “Pump Up Your Promo” with Carly Weinstein. Carly’s story was really inspirational as we were able to hear how far she has come. Starting on your own and doing your own work is a difficult task to complete. As Carly was a BBG growing up, she talked about how some of the leadership skills from BBYO have really helped her succeed in her life. This just shows that us Alephs and BBGs can take what we learn in BBYO and really grow with it. I attended so many other events during the day, like “Elevating Your Personal Brand” and “Building Habits for Happiness” which were two more great Leadership Labs. I learned so much about creating my personal brand and how creating your bio can really change how people see you. IC, just today, has taught me so much about my life and how I can boost it. If you are reading this article and learning about these three amazing events, I hope it convinces you to attend IC next year!

Hilary Gottlieb is a BBG from Great Jersey Hudson River Region: Northern and goes to Trails End Camp.

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