My Experience at August Execs 2018

21 августа 2018 года
Дениссе Хойман

Буэнос-Айрес, Аргентина

класс 2020 года

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From Augusut 7-12, I had the opportunity to participate to International August Executives Conference (August Execs). As an international delegate, I arrived to the retreat center a few days before the conference started for an indepth training with the International Delegation with staff and teens from Argentina, Uruguay, Turkey, Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Latvia, and the United Kingdom. We learned about BBYO’s relationship driven recruitment model, MRIHA, and many other tools that we can bring home to our communities to continue expanding and strengthening our Movement. During the pre-August Execs workshops, I chatted with the other International Delegates to learn how BBYO works where they live. It was amazing to see that in almost every corner of the world, this Movement operates so similarly.

On Thursday, all of the Godolim and N’siot from the United States and Canada arrived and we were open for business. That night we installed the 94th Grand and 74th International Boards and listened to the Inaugural Address of the International Presidents. We spent the rest of the evening getting to know our fellow community presidents through games and icebreakers.

Throughout the weekend, we debated, voted on new legislation, and attended entertaining sessions that trained on imporant AZA and BBG leadership skills. We brought in Shabbat as a community with services, dinner, and a delicious oneg. It felt great to be reunited with so many friends. Havdallah was extremely special to me because it was just like what I remember from International Kallah two summers ago. All of the Alephs and BBGs gathered singing our favorite melodies and sharing a fun experience under the stars.

When we finished up with our final motions on Sunday, we all departed to the airport inspired and motivated to make this year our best one year.

Denisse Hojman is a BBG from Buenos Aires, Argentina in Ligdol BBYO #5044.

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