BBYO и Музыка

5 апреля 2019 года
Талия Кнобл Гершон

Лондон, Великобритания

класс 2019 года

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For me, BBYO and music have always gone together. Think back with me to your first few programmes. Do you remember a time when people were not singing the current pop tunes? Yet, it must be argued that it goes deeper than this. Music is a way to connect us throughout BBYO, it is another layer of our Jewish identity that  bring us together. It is a similar interest which connects us to our friends and new members even further.

In particular on my first camp Shorashim in England in 2016, we had specific songs and music for different parts of the day. For example, to know who’s group it was to run a programme, a specific song was played. It was a time of happiness where we danced and got ready to lead our epic programme. There were so many instances at camp where music was used in programmes, for example making up songs and the talent show was a time where you just have a fun time and dance to all the great talent.

Although at the time when my madrichim would use music, I would think it was fun, I didn't understand the deeper meaning to it. BBYO has used music to encourage us as young people to be more connected as a whole as we were all able to experience a common thing. Most importantly it has allowed me to listen to a song years later and be reminded of a specific event in my BBYO experience.

This has not only been true at UKI events but also internationally. On Kallah, Happie and Eric used the magic of music to bring us closer as a community and appreciate music’s true emotional incredible impact. The majority of BBYO’s videos, for example, the video recap of IC 2018 had the song ‘Together’. Listening to that song a year on has allowed me to relive the amazing memories I made in Florida.

BBYO has allowed us as teens to utilize music, to connect further to our friends and society and to be able to relive memories we have made on BBYO events. This has all been done through the use of inspiring music.

Талия Кнобл Гершон (Talia Knoble Gershon) является представителем BBG в Соединенном Королевстве и любит политику и текущие дела.

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