Обучение и пропаганда Израиля в моей общине.

17 января 2020 года
Эндрю Голдберг

Стэмфорд, Коннектикут, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2020 года

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I am someone who emphasizes the need for proper education on the topic of Israel and all that this small, Jewish-nation entails. That is why I work with StandWithUS as a high school intern for the current school year. As part of my responsibilities, I have been tasked with creating and running programs within my community. Now, "programs" represent a wide range of events. For instance, a "program" could be an interactive scavenger hunts, informative presentations, or short briefings. Each program holds valuable lessons waiting to be shared, and each has unique attributes.  

In the case of my most recent program, I lead an interactive, family-friendly, discussion-based presentation on the topic of Israeli Innovations and their global impact at my local JCC. With a crowd of around 25 teens, adults, relatives and friends, new faces, and familiar ones, I presented the information while providing the audience with time to turn to one another to answer guiding questions that I provided. They were engaged with the presentation, inspired by the short videos I placed throughout. To accompany the presentation, StandWithUs provided me with well-designed informative pamphlets to give the audience something to hold onto. They were able to flip through these mini-books while I presented, to reinforce the facts and build new memories.  

Overall, this event was a success, and I look forward to continuing to lead events covering a wide range of topics and program styles.

Andrew Goldberg is an Aleph from Connecticut Valley Region who is also a StandWithUs High School Intern that loves advocating for and learning about Israel.

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