Ханука - это семейное время

4 марта 2020 года
Benji Lookatch

Милуоки, Висконсин, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2021 года

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As the youngest in my family, I always liked that Hanukkah was in late December because it is the easiest time of year for everyone to celebrate. Recapping the week, on the first night, we went to Chicago for our big family Hanukkah party. All my cousins from both Wisconsin and Illinois came together to start off the holiday. There were latkes, jelly doughnuts, gelt, dreidels, and gifts. A month ago, when everyone was together for Thanksgiving, we chose a name out of a bowl to see which cousin we would buy a gift for. It’s always fun to see what everyone gets.

For a couple more nights, the Wisconsin family was together either at our house or our cousins' house. And for each night, we lit the candles on the menorahs together. We usually light multiple menorahs so everyone can have their own. 

The thing that makes Hanukkah special to me is the time spent with my older brothers and cousins playing dreidel and eating good food. I look forward to celebrating Hanukkah next year and reigniting the flame of Jewish tradition. 

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