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12 ноября 2020 года
Международный Гизборим


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Tasks. Voting. Imposter. 

Do these words sound familiar? They’re key terminology for the newly popular game, Among Us, played globally by teens, adults, influencers, and even politicians. Naturally, the 96th and 76th International Boards had to hop on the increasingly viral ‘Among Us’ trend by constructing a live-action version. That’s right, colorful hoodies and all. 

In just 48 hours, the I-Board fundraised a total of $4,673 total (surpassing our original $3,000 goal!) for the International Service Fund (ISF), AZA & BBG’s Global Treasury. BBYO communities across the world fundraise for the ISF, and in February the Executive Body of AZA & BBG will vote on which causes and organizations to donate our funds to. In short, we, the teens, raise money for the ISF and then choose where it goes as our way to give back. Didn’t get a chance to donate this time around but want to donate now? Text "ISF" to 41444 or Click Here

But wait! There’s more! This elevated and creative fundraiser is modeled to be replicated in your community, whether you’re in a virtual or in-person programming model. Check out the entire planning process through our Among Us Fundraiser Program Planning Form, soon to be available in BBYO’s Program Bank! 😉

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm throughout this fundraiser, and keep a lookout for our next ISF fundraiser... 

Emma Rosman, 3rd International Gizborit

Jake Lazar, 3rd Grand Gizbor

From the current Grand Aleph Gizbor and International Gizborit.

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