Жить двойной жизнью: Балансирование BBYO с Gridiron

1 ноября 2018 года
Илай Берк

Даллас, Техас, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2020 года

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As many of us have come to realize, balancing school, work, BBYO, and a social life is a tall order. However, North Texas Oklahoma’s Regional Moreh, Michael Balis, takes it one step further. Many would not expect someone who is a very influential member of the Dallas Jewish Community to play such a vital role on the football field.

“I’ve heard multiple times from many people, ‘don’t play for the team, own the team,’ but I never wanted to stop doing what I love most,” reports Balis on why he chose to play football. “I feel a sense of fraternity similar to the one I feel when I’m with all my brother Alephs when I play with the rest of the team.”

Being named as the starting center for the Plano West Wolves, Michael distributes his leadership skills between football and BBYO equally. Michael thrives in a setting where he can express himself as a physical leader on the gridiron and a vocal leader in the entire North Texas Oklahoma region. “I have learned many important features to be a good leader on my football team through BBYO, such as passion, fearlessness, and fraternity. I think it has been really beneficial towards my success in both fields," mentioned Michael.

Michael is very excited to see what else his team has in store for the rest of his season. His team, the Plano West Wolves, take on their cross-town rivals, the Plano East Panthers, in their homecoming game on Friday, November 2. There will be more to come from a stellar team such as this, and Michael is expecting great things from the Wolf Pack going towards the end of their season. Michael stated, “I know that whatever the outcome is, I am confident that my team will keep their heads held high, and we will be proud of all of our accomplishments.”

Илай Берк является представителем Aleph из Северного Техаса, штат Оклахома, и с удовольствием играет в игры по очереди в своем школьном округе.

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