Класс Шмузы и самозащиты Мичиганской области

3 января 2020 года
Эсте Мосс

Блумфилд Хиллс, штат Мичиган, США.

класс 2021 года

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On November 24, Michigan Region held its third Mind, Body, and Attitude (MBA) Program. It was a day filled with a delicious brunch, an inspiring and educational self-defense class, and amazing learning opportunities for Alephs and BBGs in the region. 

The morning began with a delicious brunch at Soul Cafe in West Bloomfield, Michigan. While noshing, we were given a variety of questions about relationships to answer at our tables. The questions asked us to describe our perfect relationship, the factors that create a healthy vs. toxic relationship and encouraged us to talk about the relationships we currently have in our lives. 

After brunch, a self-defense class was led by Trae Edgar, the owner of My Tactical Advantage, a local fitness and training center specializing in self-defense. The class combined learning the techniques and strategies of self-defense with hands-on experience: practicing the moves that could be used to protect oneself and others. Trae placed us in real world scenarios that are common for teens, such as walking to a car at night, and how to protect ourselves in case of sudden danger. 

As the program ended, attendees left feeling more confident in defending themselves in certain situations, as well as knowledge of the steps to take in order to prevent these from occurring.

Estee Moss is a BBG from Ahavah BBG in Michigan Region and her favorite TV series is The Office.

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