Моя последняя региональная конвенция

28 февраля 2020 года
Адина Ичилов

Сан-Антонио, Техас, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2020 года

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I woke up on January 2nd and something didn’t feel right. At first, I thought it was because I had not slept at home in 2 weeks. But then I realized that at 2:30 that afternoon, I was going to my last Regional Convention.

Just like any convention, Regionals began with lots of “run and jumps” and smiles on faces. I reunited with old friends forming stronger bonds. I was so happy to be home, in the DoubleTree, with all my family. 

The weekend went by so quickly. From meeting my favorite artists (Gianni and Kyle) to late night/early morning jam sessions with my room (only getting a total of 3 hours of sleep the whole convention), I shared lots of happy and sad tears with everyone.

Then it hit me like never before. This was my last Regional Convention. This was my last time rooming with my out of city friends and my last regional havdallah. I knew throughout the whole convention that when havdallah came, the convention would end. However, I never saw it coming like this. It was not even a whole minute after walking into the pitch-black room, that I begin balling my eyes out. I keep telling myself, cry happy tears because you're with all your friends. Except, I couldn’t because I knew the weekend was over.

When I was a freshman, I didn’t think about what my life would look like in four years. I don’t think about how much of an impact BBYO would have on me. I didn’t see myself thriving and flourishing into the person I am today. I never imagined my last Regional Convention.

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