Новые законодательные акты для ISF

23 августа 2018 года
Итан Голд

Лэнсинг, Мичиган, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2019 года

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The International Service Fund has your back, and the backs of teens worldwide. The International Service Fund (ISF) is AZA and BBG’s treasury. It is our fund to ensure that we remain a philanthropic conduit for our members. This fund is allocated to provide global scholarships, crisis relief both proactively and reactively, as well as support our philanthropic efforts.

A few weeks ago, the Executive Body (all community presidents) passed a piece of legislation that my BBG counterpart, Blair Wales, and I crafted. The legislation passing is monumental for our Movement. It illustrated that delegates from communities around the world are ready to make ISF a priority this year. Additionally, this piece of legislation brought back an important International Award—ISF Clubs. For the first time chapters will be able to apply to be recognized for their fundraising efforts. The Bronze Club recognizes those chapters that raise $1,000-4,999; the Silver Club recognizes chapters that raise between $4,999-9,999; and the Gold Club is rewarded to chapters who have contributed more than $10,000. Each club will receive public celebration at IC, be celebrated online, and gain access to unique opportunities throughout the year.

There was a second part to the legislation which showcased the AZA and BBG’s true spirit of democracy. The Executive Body all came to a consensus and deemed it necessary that there always be money present in the ISF. This wish manifested itself as a clause in the legislation which allocated 10% of all ISF money raised this year to be untouchable so that at the beginning of next year funds would roll over and continue to support our Movement. This system of allocating money is something we hope to see more of in the future. Anyone can submit legislation or proposals for ISF allocation—we can’t wait to see what you bring to the table.

Итан Голде - Aleph из Мичиганской области, служащий 95-м Великим Aleph Годол из Aleph Задик Aleph. Он любит футбол, холодную погоду и времяпрепровождение!

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