New Year, New Us?

February 22, 2021
Shir Arbuz

Rishon Letzion, Israel

класс 2022 года

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WOW 2020 was a very... how can I say it? A special year! I'm sure that everyone has a different point of view on 2020, but for me it was a very confusing year; we  we were in lockdown (some of us even had a few lockdowns), and everything changed.

No parties or events, barely being able to see your friends, and your school went online. How bizarre is that?

Well, I think I should stop speaking about the past and look forward to 2021 that is already here!

I think we all should look forward to it and take with us the lessons that we learned from 2020. So here are a few tips (you probably have them heard before but I like to be basic 😝) to make your year a bit better:

1. Drink water, and drink a lot of it! You don't know how helpful it is.

2. Check on your family and friends; it's important, and you never know what is happening until you ask.

3. Gain a new skill! Learn to play guitar or piano, do some sports, or learn something new. It is always a good feeling to learn something new! 

4. Spend more time with your loved ones. 

5. Be more involved and speak up (BBYO is a great place for that) :)

6. Get some rest (even though we have had enough in lockdowns haha)

7. Be open minded; you never know what will happen tomorrow. 

I Hope this helped you, and I hope we will all have a great 2021!

Shir Arbuz is a BBG from Maccabi Tzair Rishon Maarav.

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