Observing the Month of May with a Dose of Understanding

May 4, 2021
Lilah Kaplan

Chandler, Arizona, United States

класс 2022 года

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Annually, millions of folks around the world struggle with mental illness, and the month of May has served to observe a message of unity, connection, and understanding in the United States, since 1949. This cognizance is referred to as Mental Health Awareness Month!

Most importantly, no one should feel stigmatized or ashamed for seeking help. When we create genuine connections, we fill our own mental, physical and spiritual essence, which empowers us in our personal journey towards being well.

While not everyone struggles with mental illness, we all do have mental health, so it is important to be kind to everyone. We are all going through our invisible battles and are trying out best. It is meaningful that we raise awareness about the significance of mental health, as well as the acceptance of prevention, support, and recovery within every individual, respectively. 

For additional information on Mental Health Awareness Month, please visit: 

2021 Mental Health Month ToolKit

Mental Health in the Age of COVID-19

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Take care of yourself. Wishing everyone a month of May filled with inner peace, good health, and beauty, for we are all deserving of love and happiness!

Lilah Kaplan is a BBG from Mountain Region and loves to spread kindness.

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