Outcheer, Outplay, Out-spirit

15 ноября 2018 года
Грейс Малингер

Колумбус, Огайо, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2021 года

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If you saw Camp Campbell Gard the weekend of October 19-21, you saw 122 teens fighting to take home the most prized possession of the weekend, the Spirit Stick. You also might’ve heard the continuous loop of music from the hit TV show, Survivor. All nine KIO chapters gathered to compete in various challenges for spirit points all while searching for the Hidden Immunity Idols to save their chapter during Final Tribal Council.

In KIO #27, Spirit Convention is the start of convention season and chapter recruitment. Rewarding spirit points to those who show the most ruach, good sportsmanship, and best cheers, chapters who take home the spirit stick earn the honor of keeping the stick safe and sound.

The BBG Winner of the weekend was Jay Levine BBG #1508 hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, followed by the AZA Winner, Mishpocha AZA #490 from Cincinnati, Ohio. The Jeff Probst duo of the weekend, Coordinators Elana Berger and Adam Pelberg on judging chapters, “We [gave] points objectively by who won challenges and competitions… the immunity idols were worth 100 points [which] boosted chapters!”

Although only two chapters were victorious, the whole entire group walked away with an appreciation for the region and the amazing convention that was just held. Even though there can only be one winner, all of KIO Outcheered, Outplayed, and Out-spirited.

Grace Malinger is a BBG from Kentucky Indiano Ohio Region and is an animal lover with an affinity for chihuahuas.

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