8 ноября 2019 года
Сет Кассанов

Даллас, Техас, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2021 года

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Texoma remained BBYO's 73rd region until it was split up into two regions; North Texas Oklahoma #74 and Lone Star Region #73.

Recently NTO and LSR had a convention together called Texoma. This is the first time these regions have been united since they broke off from each other so many years ago. At this convention, delegates got to listen to some fantastic speakers while spending quality time with amazing friends

My takeaway from this convention was that despite NTO #74 and LSR #73 being two separate regions, they are still united under one organization. I believe that together under BBYO both have the power to change the world.

Both regions have unique personalities ranging from region-specific chants about the Torah to other traditions we created together at Texoma. I am excited to see how our relationship will develop in the future.

Seth Kassanoff is an Aleph from Eamonn Lacey AZA of North Texas Oklahoma Region and is a triplet.

Все мнения, высказанные по содержанию, написанному для "Шофара", представляют собой мнения и мысли отдельных авторов. Биография автора представляет автора в то время, когда он находился на сайте BBYO.

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