Будущие лидеры Мичиганской области

5 ноября 2018 года
Сара Голдман

Уэст Блумфилд, Мичиган, США.

класс 2020 года

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In Michigan Region, we have shifted gears to not only focus on the current leaders of our region but on the future ones as well. These future leaders are eighth graders, soon to begin their journey in BBYO. To help acquaint the eighth graders with the region and the organization, Michigan Region has created an "8th Grade Onboarding Committee." Committee members plan programs exclusive to eighth graders and make sure they are all comfortable and satisfied with their introduction to BBYO.

On Saturday, October 20th, the Onboarding Committee held an eighth grade only sisterhood event called "Friends and Frosting." A local baker, who is the owner of Laura Rose Cookies, came to the event to teach her tips and tricks on how to perfectly decorate a cookie. Laura has previously made cookies for celebrities such as Ariana Grande, so you can only imagine how amazing the cookies turned out!

After decorating their cookies, the eighth graders had time to bond with the other girls in their grade, a preview of the lifelong bonds they will be making throughout their four years of BBYO.

Sarah Goldman is a BBG from Michigan Region.

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