Топ 10 причин для регистрации на CLTC 2020

21 ноября 2019 года
Ханна Кантор

Денвер, Колорадо, США

класс 2022 года

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CLTC 2020. 12 days. 8 sessions. 2 locations. 10 reasons to sign up now! 

1. Meet your best friends. I went into CLTC knowing nobody and I left with so many new friendships that I will always keep with me. I met the most amazing people who I relate to on another level. You spend so much time with as a community and you will find some pretty incredible friends. I know it sounds crazy that you can find your best friends in 12 short days. But trust me, you just might. 

2. The staff at CLTC are amazing. You will get the chance to meet and learn from the most amazing staff ever! They are professionals in BBYO that work in different regions across the order and they come to help teach and support you. I cannot wait to see all of the leadership staff from my CLTC at IC. You will also have madrichim who are like counselors. The madrichim are college-age students who participated in BBYO when they were in high school and are there for you in whatever way you need. All the staff at CLTC are WONDERFUL. Special should out to Allie, Ben, Brett, Elian, Jackie, Julie, Kelly, Mike, Or, Payton, Stacy, and Taylor. 

3. CLTC stands for a chapter leadership training conference. So, of course, you are going to learn what the title says. CLTC will teach you so much about how to improve your leadership skills, chapter, region, and the international order. 

4. At CLTC there are mock chapters. And each mock chapter gets to plan a program and a Jewish program. You will learn how to plan the best program possible and will leave with a wide range of program ideas to take back home! 

5. The best part about CLTC is the people! It sounds crazy but you will feel like you have known these people for your whole life. You will form bonds with your bunk, chapter, and your whole CLTC family. These people will always be there for you and you will be so excited to see them again because the bonds you formed at CLTC are so strong.

6. CLTC offers a lot of opportunities for personal growth. Throughout each program and activity during the days at camp, you will discover more and more about yourself.

7.Picture yourself standing in a circle with your arms around the person next to you. Signing songs with your CLTC family. That is a friendship circle. You sing songs after a long day and get to relax. Then you separate by Alephs and BBG’s and spend time getting closer to each other every day. 

8. Explore your Jewish identity. Each CLTC will have a Jewish educator. And they are there to answer any and all questions you have about being Jewish. And you will learn a lot about how your Judaism plays a role in your daily life at home and in bbyo. 

9. “The best 12 days of your life” We all know that saying. You don’t understand it until it happens. And believe me, it’s true. 

10. Memories. CLTC will leave you with so many memories that you will never forget. And you will always have. 

These 10 reasons are only a few of why you should sign up to experience the best 12 days at any of the 8 wonderful sessions!

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