Трансформируя свой BBYO опыт: Интервью с членом ILN

9 марта 2020 года
Эндрю Голдберг

Стэмфорд, Коннектикут, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2020 года

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Exhilarating, electrifying, and incredible—three words Jessica Nirschel selected to describe her experience as an ILN committee member this year.  In an exclusive interview between myself and Jessica, a passionate member of Tikvah BBG in Stamford, CT, her motivations to apply and, after being selected, serve, became more and more transparent.  She recognized and continues to honor the mutual nature of serving on this committee.  Jessica understands that she can give back to the international order while contributing to her leadership skills as well.  Her friends further motivated her within BBYO, who had personally committed to and felt the impact of the ILN committees.  With IC right around the corner, Jessica has a fond appreciation for the network of active contributors.  The new friendships she has formed over the past few months have served as motivation, and Jessica has excelled, which will be further proven when she leads her program at IC in Dallas.  When asked to advise Alephs and BBGs who are considering applying for the ILN in the coming years, she emphasized the ability to take these strengthened skills and grow the order from a local level as well, bringing new insight into her chapter.  As Jessica said so herself, she is “so ready to be in BBYO world…”.   

Andrew Goldberg is an Aleph from Connecticut Valley Region who is also a StandWithUs High School Intern that loves advocating for and learning about Israel.

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