Верхние классы Возьмите Чикаго на веселую ночь в Большом городе.

13 ноября 2018 года
Ари Садек

Милуоки, Висконсон, США

класс 2020 года

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On October 20-21, Wisconsin Region #64 met at the Milwaukee Jewish Day School for a fun-packed weekend in Chicago, Illinois. Once loading the buses and taking attendance, we were on the road for our two-hour trip. Stopping for classic Chicago deep-dish pizza on the way, the delicious dinner set the tone for a great weekend. The members were initially extremely eager to learn of their roommates upon arrival at the hotel. Despite their excitement towards their rooming situations, their enthusiasm was quickly redirected once learning of the night's entertainment, The Second City Comedy Show.

To say the least, this show is a staple of the Chicago comedy scene. Producing stars like Mike Myers, Amy Poehler, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, and Bill Murray, this show really has a certain star power. The show is split into three, 45-60 minute long acts. The first two are mostly planned sketch comedy with some improv while the third act is all improvised. The show ranges from ridiculous scenes about pasta sauce, to political comedy, to calling on audience members to interview. After the show, We all got a chance to get a selfie with the audience member who was interviewed.

Once the night of hilarity was over, We went back to our hotel to get some sleep for the big day ahead.

After wake up and breakfast, we were on our way to our first attraction of the day, the Willis Tower. After a long line and a 103 story elevator ride, we made it to the top and got a magnificent view of the Chicago skyline. The 103 floor has three main features, a few lookout points, and gift shop, and most exciting, a glass observatory. From this view, you can look down and see the city streets beneath you.

Overall, this experience is a tradition I hope Wisconsin keeps for the years to come. It will be something underclassmen will look forward to and keep juniors and seniors engaged in BBYO.

Ари Садек является Aleph из региона Висконсин и на профессиональном уровне занимается серфингом в помещении.

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