What Happened During the 2019 World Series?

14 ноября 2019 года
Ben Rozen

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Both the Astros and the Nationals are very strong teams, yet they're considered underdogs. This has been an outstanding season for the Astros with their home wins totaling 107 before the season started. The Nationals also had an awesome season, pulling a wildcard by winning the NLCS, National League Championship Series. This victory would later put them in the World series. The World Series started off leaning in the Astros favor with them having a better record and better scoring stats. All of these factors would later result in an excellent matchup in The World Series.

The Astros lost their first two games in Houston and won the next three in Washington giving them the lead. In the sixth game, the Astros took an early lead scoring 2-1 in the 1st inning. Little to their knowledge, they would lose their lead in the 3rd inning where a few runs slipped through. The final score was 2-7, the Nationals winning with 7. Both teams tied with 3 wins each, bringing the series to a close match over game 7. In Game 7, the Astros started with a lead of 2-0. As the game approached the last 3 innings, the Nationals made a comeback winning with a score of 2-6! This is the Washington Nationals first time winning the World Series!

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