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6 июня 2019 года
Талия Кнобл Гершон

Лондон, Великобритания

класс 2019 года

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Being a Senior in high school and returning from International Kallah, I felt like I wanted to get more involved in my last year in BBYO as I was not on chapter board or regional board. Joining Press Corps was one of the best decisions I made to get more involved with BBYO! It gave so much creative freedom and allowed me to feel even more connected to BBYO.

Every month I have the creative freedom to write an article about I want to talk about. I have written about music and BBYO, various BBYO events, and why more international delegates should go to Kallah. Being on Press Corps has allowed me to reminisce on some of my best memories in BBYO including IC 2018, IC 2019 and Kallah.

Aside from writing for the Shofar, being a part of the Press Corps during IC was an amazing opportunity. On the last day of IC, I hosted a livestream with Eli Berk where we asked teens questions about their IC experience. We also had the chance to speak to Matt Grossman, the CEO of BBYO, during IC! This was an awesome and eye opening experience.

Our community in the Press Corps has also been so supportive. If I ever have good news, I feel like I could reach out to tell other Press Corps members in our group chat! The monthly video calls are so interesting and they have allowed me to understand the wide reach of Press Corps. There are people writing for The Shofar from Ukraine to Argentina.

Being on the Press Corps and especially being able to write for The Shofar gave me an incredible platform that allowed me to combine my love for writing with my love for BBYO, and further inspired my love for both. It is great that I have been able to have this experience in my last year of BBYO and it is something I will remember forever!

Талия Кнобл Гершон (Talia Knoble Gershon) является представителем BBG в Соединенном Королевстве и любит политику и текущие дела.

Все мнения, высказанные по содержанию, написанному для "Шофара", представляют собой мнения и мысли отдельных авторов. Биография автора представляет автора в то время, когда он находился на сайте BBYO.

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