Что происходит в Латинской Америке?

8 ноября 2019 года
Миа Скалитер

Буэнос-Айрес, Аргентина

класс 2022 года

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For everyone around the world who may not know about what has been going on in Latin America: I’m going to update you on the unfortunate situation of a specific country that doesn’t exactly match the definition of order.

Chile is a country where there is a large amount of fluctuation between the upper and lower classes. About a week ago, a social strike broke out in regards to the increase of the subway fare. People began to rebel by carrying out defiant acts such as destroying subway stations and using public transportation without paying. When the citizens started to protest, security measures were taken and a curfew was settled. Teens just like us could walk down the streets of Chile freely until a specific hour, then they were required to return home.

We are used to living in countries where we don’t have curfews set by the law. However, when conditions become too much to endure and a sector of society complains, the whole community has to deal with the consequences and a curfew is part of that.

A common saying during this time was “Chile despertó,” which translates to “Chile woke up.” This country has been living under similar conditions for years and years; now they are finally noticed. I invite you all, if the news catches your attention, to educate yourself and keep the situation in your mind… and don’t forget that they are people just like us.

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