International Convention Summit

In advance of International Convention, we bring together nearly 800 delegates for 'IC Summit', where Alephs and BBGs participate in high-level, interactive 24-hour workshops to develop their personal leadership skills and strengthen our Movement. By attending one of these tracks you'll get to meet teens with similar specialized interests, connect with experts in the field, and come to International Convention a day early.

IC Summit tracks will begin a day before Convention starts on Wednesday, February 16 and conclude in the early afternoon on Thursday, February 17. You can register for IC Summit with Convention on Thursday, October 7.

We're currently updating all Summit information below. Check back later this summer for updated information.

Summit Tracks


Learn how to song lead (with or without an instrument!) and develop musical, meaningful, engaging prayer and community-building experiences in BBYO. Join Eric Hunker and Happie Hoffman, IC's Music Directors, as they give you the tips and tricks you need to create magical moments. Open to all Jewish teens.

This track is a part of BBYO's Jewish Enrichment Institute.


Over the course of our history, Alephs and BBGs—just like us—have stood up to rally for change, advocate for causes, and challenge injustice around the world. Join us as we chart our Movement's next mobilizing moments. We'll craft answers for how we're going to use our voices and our votes to ensure that teens like us have a seat at the table. Open to all Jewish teens.

This track is a part of BBYO's Jewish Enrichment Institute.

Brand Marketing

In today's world, fluency in the social and digital space is a must for any leader or community organizer. Join us for a hands-on experience focused on personal and brand marketing. Engage in conversations, hear from experts, and test your skills as we dive into marketing, journalism, social media, and brand strategy. This is your moment to help build BBYO's global brand, as well as how to effectively market your own aspirations, identities, and involvements. Open to all Jewish teens.

Canadian National

Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls from BBYO Eastern Canada, BBYO Lake Ontario, BBYO Northwest Canada, BBYO Red River, and BBYO Vancouver join together for this important meeting and rocking celebration. As BBYO Canada continues to shatter national records, we'll develop strategies to grow our current communities, expand into new areas and amplify programming. Open to Canadian Jewish teens.

Исследуйте Израиль

When Israel was founded, it was teenagers that sowed the land, established its infrastructure, defined its early character, and defended, dreamed, and celebrated in the streets. We're committed to continuing to ensure that BBYO is a place for every young Jew who wants to learn about, challenge, and build their understanding of the State of Israel. Join us as we explore a plurality of experiences, viewpoints, and ideas around current events, the culture, its diversity, the people, its democratic values, and innovative successes. Open to all Jewish teens.

This track is a part of BBYO's Jewish Enrichment Institute.

February Execs

Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls will plan for the year ahead as a united Movement. We will focus on furthering the depth of chapter and community programming, expanding our Orders' reach through membership strategy and collaborate on how to most effectively make the world a better place. Open to Council, Regional, and Country Presidents and the AZA & BBG International Board.

Movement Growth

Join a network of leaders committed to bringing our fraternity and sorority to any Jewish teen, anywhere and everywhere. Our Movement remains vibrant year after year because of our ability to share AZA & BBG with more teens around the world. Come hang with us as we dive into the best strategies for rush weeks, swag, branding, and hosting as we remind ourselves all over again why BBYO's mission is so important. Come ready to play and know that we're looking to you to inspire our Movement's growth this Spring. Open to all Jewish teens.

Spanish Immersion

★ Brand new track for IC 2020
Join a track focusing on chapter development skills and deepening the relationship between Latin America and BBYO's movement around the world. This track's programming will be almost entirely in Spanish. This is a great opportunity to put your language skills to work to help strengthen BBYO. Vamos! Open to all Spanish-speaking Jewish teens.


Dive right into this experience to learn more about your ability to bring mindfulness into your life and explore your Jewish spirituality. Together, we'll learn how to lead meditation and yoga experiences, and the process of building spiritual, meaningful, and relevant prayer experiences across BBYO. Shalom Mayberg, BBYO's acclaimed meditation and yoga practitioner will be your mentor for this track. Open to all Jewish teens.

This track is a part of BBYO's Jewish Enrichment Institute.

Sports Leadership

In partnership with Maccabi World Union and Maccabi USA, join us for our Sports Leadership Summit to learn how to leverage athletics as a tool to drive your local engagement and programming efforts. You'll also dive into what it means to be a leader within the sports industry. If you're looking to make sports a bigger part of your AZA & BBG experience or want the insider scoop on the industry's careers, this track is a great opportunity to learn how to bring everything home. This program includes competitive (for fun!) sports play. Open to all Jewish teens.