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APRIL 11 | 29 ניסן

J-Serve is the International Day of Jewish Youth Service

Since 2005, J-Serve has provided teens with a unique opportunity to band together through service as a united global network committed to fulfilling the Jewish values of gemilut chasidim, acts of loving kindness, tzedakah, just and charitable giving, and tikkun olam, the responsibility to repair the world. Every year, Jewish teens worldwide join each other on this special day and throughout the spring to make their community and the world a better place.

J-Serve is a collaborative effort run by BBYO in partnership with Good Deeds Day, Jewish Teen Funders Network, Repair The World, Shalom Corps, and YSA's Global Youth Service Day. The initiative is generously underwritten by The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, among others.

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Поделитесь своими планами

Nothing’s cancelled, it’s just online. Make sure your J-Serve plans are counted by submitting your events using the form below.

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J-Serve Grant Application

In an effort to empower a growing number of communities around the world to participate and expand their program efforts, we are excited to announce that community grants are now available for J-Serve 2021! All grant applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

Available Grants for J-Serve 2021 include:


Up to $500 USD
Open to all J-Serve projects engaging 10+ Jewish teens (grades 6-12) in partnership with at least one other local community movement/agency.

Mid-Size Grants

Up to $1,800 USD
Open to all J-Serve projects led by new or returning agencies that can demonstrate 2+ established community partnerships and whose programming will reach 100+ Jewish teens (grades 6 - 12)

Large Grants

Up to $2,500 USD
Open to all J-Serve projects led by new or returning agencies that can demonstrate 3+ strong community partnerships and whose programming will reach 200+ Jewish teens (grades 6 - 12).

Apply for Funding

Make J-Serve Virtual

Just because you're home doesn't mean you can't make a difference. Explore ideas to take your J-Serve projects online this year.


While we may not be able to work together in person, that won’t stop us from supporting the immediate needs of those in our communities, near and far. This year, we have the opportunity to redefine what service looks like, making a direct impact on those issues that affect our communities the most in new and innovative ways. Feel free to use the ideas below as inspiration for a J-Serve project, whether or not you had one previously planned. These can be done in small groups, with your chapter or organization, or as part of a larger community campaign—get creative and have fun! 

  • Education Equity: Tutor students in a subject you love, especially students from under-resourced schools. Reach out to a local school to find out what their needs are, or check out, where you can get virtually tutor a student from a Title 1 school.

  • Collect Donation Items: Gather grocery and toiletry supplies for food banks and homeless shelters and arrange for drop-offs or donation pick-up with welfare agencies for local families impacted by closures. Find a local organization to work with or get inspired by the organizations listed here

  • Connect with your Local Asian Community: Over the last year, there has been an uptick in anti-Asian sentiment due to myths associated with the Coronavirus. Reach out to your local Asian community to show solidarity, offer support, and build cross-cultural connections.

  • Fold at Home: Use the power of your computer to help solve infectious diseases by becoming a part fo the Folding@home network.

  • Get Hyper Local: Find out about community needs by subscribing to Nextdoor—a virtual hub to connect with your neighborhood. Neighbors have been posting about things they need help with, like meal pick-ups, grocery runs, yardwork, and fundraisers for causes they care about.  

  • Go Green at Home: Actually recycle (and know what’s actually recyclable—every community is different), pick up trash when you’re walking through your neighborhood, or use your time at home to begin composting. Order seeds online and plant a garden in your yard or window boxes. Thanks to photosynthesis, even one plant can remove carbon dioxide (which contributes to climate change) from the atmosphere.

  • Host a Cooking Show: Record yourself cooking/baking your favorite recipes and donate the meal to a neighbor, friend, or community member in need. 

  • Senior Citizen Love: Many senior citizens live alone or independently at nursing homes and retirement communities, and at this time they may not be able to receive visits from family and friends. Offer local senior centers the opportunity to have conference calls and/or video calls to provide some fun, energy, and connection to area residents. You can also do this with individuals who you know who are elderly or immunocompromised and would be up for a virtual visit. This can also be done in the form of email, written letter, or e-card if virtual is not an option. 

  • Support the Sick or Quarantined: Check out this resource from our partners at Repair the World and Amplifier which provides guidance on supporting those who are sick.

  • Virtual Volunteer Opportunities:


You can launch an entire advocacy campaign without ever leaving your couch. Through conversation, persuasion, and education you and your friends can advocate for change on causes that you’re passionate about, whether it’s encouraging legislators to implement a certain policy or educating the public on a certain topic you care about. There’s no better time to stand up for those who need your support.

  • Connect with your Local Asian Community: Over the last year, there has been an uptick in anti-Asian sentiment due to myths associated with the Coronavirus. Reach out to your local Asian community to show solidarity, offer support, and build cross-cultural connections.

  • If you’re looking for a good read, and want to learn more about the discrimination Asians have faced, we recommend the novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. There are even discussion questions at the end of the book if you’d like to start a chapter book club.

  • Get Inspired by Other Teen Advocates: 2019 was the year of the “Youthquake” -- let’s keep that momentum going into 2021. Learn about the journeys of notable young activists from March for Our Lives and the Sunrise Movement.

  • Написание писем: Начните кампанию по написанию писем для избранных должностных лиц по различным вопросам или причинам, которые волнуют Вас и/или Ваших друзей.

  • Run a BBYO Chapter Initiative: BBYO Chapter Initiatives are high-quality plug and play programs that are fun, educational, and help make a difference in the world. Created by our members and inspired by our interests, these programs take on hot topics and teach you how to become an advocate for some of our world’s most pressing issues -- from supporting refugees to Israel advocacy to advocating for people with disabilities.

  • Take It to Social Media: Launch a social media campaign on a topic that you’d like to raise awareness around. Design catchy graphics with Canva, recruit your friends, and make a plan. For inspiration, check out this PSA, combatting sexual assault and domestic violence from Oakland BBG #2 of Central Region West.


Anyone can raise funds and donate to a cause they care about, but making intentional decisions around what your community needs and what causes your Jewish values lead you to support is what makes philanthropy so powerful. That power is multiplied when we come together as a community, and this year we are this year to support important organizations making a difference around the world right now.

  • Guiding Questions for Decision Making: Make informed decisions about the issue areas and types of organizations that you’d like to support

  • Host a Pop-Up Giving Circle: With friends and family, pool money together in order to make collective values-driven donations to organizations that you care about. Download Amplifier Giving’s participant workbook and facilitator’s guide, which walk you through this interactive, 90-minute exercise.

  • It’s All About ISF: Virtual ISF Fundraising

  • Питомничная вечеринка: Ведущая видеоконференции Pet Party с конкурсными играми для команд подростков и верблюдов, чтобы собрать средства для местных приютов для животных.

  • Philanthropy Values Chart: Use Jewish values to drive your decision-making

  • Show Some Love for Lone Soldiers: Lone Soldiers are those serving in the IDF without immediate family in Israel, often those who’ve made Aliyah. You can donate to the Lone Soldier Center, so that they can purchase items Lone Soldiers need, like jackets and toiletries.

  • Unpacking Philanthropy: Guide your research as you decide what organizations to give to

Featured J-Serve 2021 Program Model: Vaccine Appointment Network

The Vaccine Appointment Network is a new initiative stewarded by Repair the World—and a featured program model of J-Serve 2021—to scale up efforts to help older adults make appointments to get the COVID-19 Vaccine.  Read more about it and sign up your community to participate below.

J-Serve Past Highlights

Буэнос-Айрес, Аргентина

Atlanta, USA

Vienna, Austria

Wilmington, USA

Frankfurt, Germany

Princeton, USA

Toronto, Canada

Celebrating More Than 15 Years with a Fresh Take on ‘Service’

J-Serve continues to include all forms of meaningful social change. Participating communities—including all grant applicants—are encouraged to explore new opportunities to engage a broader range of local Jewish teens by highlighting the value and impact of philanthropy, advocacy, community organizing, life skills training, and more in connection with/instead of traditional direct service. Potential project ideas open for exploration may include (but are not limited to) hands-on direct service, advocacy trainings, philanthropy events, community organizing rallies, first responder trainings, charity rides/runs/walks, dance marathons, lobbyist trainings and/or outings, and more!

Across More Than 250 Communities In 30+ Countries Around The World

“Since J-Serve is the International Day of Jewish Youth Service, we feel more connected to the projects because we’re all young people ourselves. Through hands-on service projects, we hope to help as much as we can...The best part is we can inspire everyone to continue to serve their communities beyond J-Serve!”

Rebecca M., Orlando Project Leader

J-Serve International Philanthropy Campaign

For J-Serve 2020, Jewish teens from 50+ countries and the Jewish Teen Funders Network launched the world's largest Jewish teen giving experience. Together, we fundraised for four organizations that are doing important work in our communities near and far. Be sure to visit our J-Serve 2020 crowdfunding site, powered by Givebutter, for chapters, communities, and teams to band together and raise important funds.

A committee of teens worked together to research and select four organizations that are addressing the spread and impact of COVID-19 near and far. The funds raised were allocated across these four important organizations.

Explore Our Campaign

J-Serve Project Planning Toolkit

It's never too early to start dreaming bigger and better for J-Serve 2021 and beyond! Review our comprehensive J-Serve Project Planning Toolkit—brought to you in partnership with our friends at Repair the World—to help elevate your program, designed to help translate passions into a project vision that speaks to teen interests, skills, and creativity, and develop a plan to bring big teen service ideas to life by raising awareness about a project, creating a meaningful experience for participants, and keeping in touch with everyone involved.

Broken down into five main sections (Visioning > Planning > Promoting > Hosting > Follow Up) to support you throughout the process of building your J-Serve experience—plus an Appendix w/ handy tables and charts—we hope this resource will serve as a useful reference guide for teen project coordinators and professional staff alike. Dive in, bookmark it, share it with friends... enjoy!

Project Planning Toolkit

Шаг 0: Учиться

Before you dive into the planning process, be sure to learn what's important to the success of your event. Review the goals and parameters of the initiative you're working toward, and understand key opportunities for innovation to elevate your experience from good to WOW.

Понять цели, параметры и возможности мероприятия

  • Какова цель этой инициативы?

  • Как можно максимально творчески и инновационно работать для достижения поставленных целей?

  • Как это усилие может быть слоистых в календарь программирования для повышения вашей воронки?

Обзор целей и определение успеха

  • Как выглядит успех для этого опыта (включая показатели, связанные с вовлеченностью в программы, качеством, инновациями/рисками и т.д.)?

  • Как достичь такого успеха?

Шаг 1: Идеальный

Once you clearly understand the task at hand, IDEATE together with teen and staff leadership to build a unique experience that will best serve your community's needs within the context of the initiative. Do a community mapping exercise, clarify key responsibilities, and establish ambitious (and attainable!) goals.

Карта Ваших активов

  • Каковы уникальные возможности (и проблемы), предоставляемые Вашим сообществом - включая людей, места, опыт и т.д. - и как Вы можете в полной мере воспользоваться ими, чтобы поднять уровень Вашего мероприятия?

Определить лидерские роли

  • Какие обязанности являются ключевыми для успеха этого опыта, и как вы разделите работу (между конкретными подростками и сотрудниками), чтобы определить ожидания и разделить нагрузку, используя при этом индивидуальные навыки?

Установить SMART цели

  • Какие конкретные, измеримые, достижимые, актуальные и привязанные к конкретным срокам цели позволят вам достичь поставленных целей для максимального успеха?

Шаг 2: Стратегия

With a clear vision to guide you, take time to STRATEGIZE everything you'll need to enable success. Solidify basic logistics, design your program budget, seek out partnerships, outline a clear marketing strategy and swag, designs, all while further elevating your program plan to produce a truly 'high res' experience.

Подтвердить основы

  • Что является ключевым Кто, Что, Когда, Где и Почему компоненты вашего мероприятия?

  • Какой программный план вы будете использовать для достижения желаемых результатов?

Увеличьте свой план

  • Как вы будете продвигать концепцию вашего мероприятия за пределы статус-кво, чтобы создать опыт, который будет как можно более инклюзивным, и который будет бросать вызов всем ожиданиям?

Создать бюджет

  • Как вы можете творчески подойти к делу, чтобы максимизировать свой опыт и при этом свести к минимуму требуемые расходы?

  • Где вы можете подать заявку на дополнительное финансирование, чтобы выйти за рамки вашей программы?

Выявление и привлечение целевых партнеров

  • Учитывая характер вашего мероприятия, какие местные/национальные организации вы можете привлечь в качестве партнеров по сообществу, программе и/или бренду?

  • Как можно привлечь родителей, выпускников и других заинтересованных лиц к оказанию помощи?

Разработать план действий

  • Какие шаги необходимо предпринять, чтобы превратить идею вашей программы в реальность?

  • Какие задачи и поддержка необходимы для их решения и в какие сроки?

Определите ваши маркетинговые и социальные медиа-стратегии

  • Как вы будете использовать вашу сеть, используя все доступные каналы связи, для широкого продвижения вашего мероприятия?

  • Кто будет владеть каждой точкой соприкосновения и по какой временной шкале?

Определить предложения по предварительному затвердеванию/завершению/замещению швартовных позиций

  • Какую актуальную, изысканную и желанную вещь вы предложите до/время/после вашего мероприятия, чтобы удивить и порадовать ваших гостей?

  • Где есть возможности для оптовых заказов, чтобы удержать расходы на низком уровне?

Шаг 3: Поторапливайтесь

Хорошие вещи приходят к тем, кто ХАСТЛ. Используйте фирменные шаблоны и комплексный подход для продвижения вашего мероприятия на ранней стадии и часто. Создавайте интеллектуальные онлайн-системы для мгновенной регистрации. Копайте глубже, чтобы привлечь больше подростков во всех социальных кругах, и убедитесь, что пресса (и журнал "Заказ!") услышат о том, что вы задумали.

Подготовка маркетинговых материалов

  • Как вы можете использовать (и настраивать) доступные рекламные продукты для создания большого шума о вашем мероприятии с помощью различных цифровых, печатных и живых платформ для совместного использования?

Запустить онлайн-регистрацию

  • How will you use BBYO's online registration portal to promote your event and encourage pre-registration for planning purposes?

  • Какую еще увлекательную информацию вы могли бы собрать, чтобы сообщить о возможностях для сюрпризов и поездок?

Разверните свой маркетинговый и социально-медийный план

Вовлечь в работу прессу

  • How can you pitch the community impact of your event (to elevate BBYO's brand) in a way that will attract local/national media to take note and either attend or cover the experience?

Отпразднуйте внутри

  • What information can you share about your event to help BBYO build a strong global narrative touting the reach and impact of our Movement's most influential programs?

Шаг 4: Выполнить

Пока вы готовитесь к большому дню, готовьтесь к EXECUTE. Отправьте последние напоминания, пройдитесь с вашим оргкомитетом по мероприятию, подготовьте материалы и товар для распространения, а также BBYO- уточните место проведения мероприятия. Стюард перспективы (и членов) с намерением, и удивить и порадовать ваших гостей, чтобы оставить неизгладимое впечатление.

Подтвердить окончательную логистику

  • Какие вопросы остаются без ответа, и как вы будете их решать?

  • Как вы можете использовать окончательные напоминания и подтверждающие сообщения перед мероприятием для повышения общего уровня шума в вашей сети?

Подготовить лидерскую группу

  • Какие моменты программы должны быть заранее прописаны в сценарии (в отличие от свободной формы), и как члены лидерской группы должны планировать решение любых вопросов по мере их возникновения?

Преобразуйте ваше пространство

  • Как Вы можете использовать брендинг и вывески, а также освещение, A/V, стояки или другие забавные места для сидения, зарезервированные VIP-зоны и другие элементы помещения, чтобы оживить Ваше пространство и повысить его полноту?

Стюард Гости от начала до конца

  • Какие ожидания вы можете задать, и какие системы вы можете установить, чтобы легко определить перспективы (и недостаточно активных членов), чтобы убедиться, что все новые участники хорошо заботиться о них с момента их прибытия, когда они уезжают?

Оставьте неизгладимое впечатление

  • Какие веселые сюрпризы, закуски и / или другие улучшения программы вы можете предложить, чтобы убедиться, что все посетители оставляют желать лучшего BBYO?

  • How will you share upcoming event information so everyone knows what's next?

Шаг 5: Сохранить

Take advantage of the shared energy and momentum from your event while it's fresh to make sure attendees keep coming back for more. Coordinate an individualized follow-up plan to gather input to inform future programs, say a heartfelt thanks to all involved, and close out the MRIHA model by making the Ask!

Сбор отзывов

  • How can you use technology and/or individualized outreach to gather input from prospects and other attendees to help improve your community's WOW programs in the future?

Скажи спасибо.

  • Как можно настроить доступные фирменные шаблоны для персонализации последующей работы со всеми ключевыми гостевыми сегментами (перспективами, членами, родителями, партнерами, заинтересованными сторонами и т.д.)?

Сделать запрос

  • How can you coordinate targeted 'Ask' outreach to invite all prospect attendees to join BBYO in a timely and effective manner?



Utilize the J-Serve Brand Kit to get the word out about your event! The Brand Kit includes digital flyers, Instagram story templates, letterhead, header, footer, service certificate, share squares, slide templates, thank you note, values slides, and zoom backgrounds. We've linked some of the examples from the kit below. Get creative and let us know if you need any help. You can access the designs via Google Slides or Canva (contact your local staff about Canva access).

Access Templates

Площадь акций

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Blast this image on all of your social media channels and be sure your friends share it on their personal accounts. Add your event information in the caption of the image.


Фото на обложке

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Make your Facebook event and social media profile look sharp with this event cover photo.

Update Yours

Настраиваемый флайер

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Share the details about your event with this customizable flyer template. Hang these flyers at all of your local hang out spots. Two versions available for events with and without community partners.
Size: 8.5'x11''


Настраиваемые рекламные бланки

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team Customize them, cut them up, and hand them out to all of your friends at school, practice, clubs, and more to make sure everyone knows they're invited to your program.
Size: 8.5'x11''



✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Hang the official posters all over your city to create buzz and excitement.
Size: 11''x17''


Фото Водяной знак

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Drop this watermark on your photos to promote your event on social media!


Бланк письма и заголовок/зубрикатор

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Utilize this letterhead when making formal asks to community partners or guests to join your event. If you're an overachiever, you can put all of your official program outlines in this document.


Добро пожаловать на доску объявлений

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Place this board outside of your event entrance so everyone knows they're in the right place.

Suggested vendor: Vistaprint
Instructions: Order from Vistaprint (or any local print shop) a 22”x28” full-color
foam core board.
Ballpark price: $40


виниловый баннер

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Place this banner at the heart of your event. Be sure it's visible for any special photo moments.

Suggested vendor: Echod Graphics
Instructions: Select vinyl banners > 13 oz. vinyl banner > 4’Hx8’W. Depending on your space add grommets or pockets for hanging. Grommets are recommended every two feet and work with command hooks. Pockets are great if you already have a banner stand. Upload artwork after you order and be sure to get a proof.
Ballpark price: $50


Шаг и повторить

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Order a step and repeat to make everyone feel like a VIP. Bring additional props and throw a red carpet in front of the step and repeat to really go big.

Suggested vendor: Echod Graphics
Instructions: Select vinyl banners > 13 oz. vinyl banner > 8’Hx10’W > select grommets or pockets depending on how you are hanging. Grommets work with command hooks and pockets work with a banner stand. If you need a banner stand, you can purchase one here.
Ballpark price: $100



✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Plaster every wall of your event with one of the official posters. If a step and repeat is not in your budget, print out a few dozen of these posters to make a photo wall.

Suggested Vendor: Order from Vistaprint (or similar printing company) a 11’’x17” full-color print on card stock paper or print at local office.
Ballpark price: $1/print


Фильтр Снэпчата

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
When everyone is posting with this filter, the FOMO will be real.

Submit on Snapchat at least 24 hours before your event.
Ballpark price:


Values Posters

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team Instructions: Print on 11"x17" paper at a local print shop or in your community office to decorate your space.


Резервный лист регистрации

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
We recommend that your event sign-in be online through a form, but we know things happen. Maybe your venue doesn't have WiFi or the sign-in link isn't working. Whatever the case may be, print out a few dozen copies of this sign-in form to ensure you capture the information of everyone at your event.


Service Hours Certificate

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Honor the participants at your project with the official J-Serve Service Hours Certification. This document can be used to verify J-Serve hours to schools, institutions, and organizations.


Спасибо Заметки

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Don't forget to thank all of the people, partners and planners who helped make your event possible. A handwritten note means the world.

Instructions: Order from FedEx (or similar
printing company) a 7’’x10” full-color print
on card stock paper.
Ballpark price: $2/print


Увидимся в следующий раз.

✪ Available on BBYO's Canva Team
Hand these out at the end of your event to invite your friends to the next big program. These are customizable for you to share information about your next event.

Instructions: Order from Vistaprint (or similar
printing company) a 3.5"x2" full-color business card.
Ballpark price: $10 for set



Спасибо! Ваша заявка получена!
Упс! Что-то пошло не так во время подачи формы.


Share all of your J-Serve posts with the hashtags #JServe2021 to showcase all of the incredible events happening around the world. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get a shout out from @BBYOInsider.