Би-би-ги доминируют на корте в своем первом баскетбольном турнире.

13 декабря 2019 года
Дженна Шапс

Луисвилл, Кентукки, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2022 года

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One of the most unique parts about the region of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio (KIO) is that every winter the region comes together in Louisville, Kentucky to play in a basketball tournament to honor Drew Corson, a Jewish teen from Louisville who passed away at the Maccabi Games playing basketball. 

To honor him, Alephs play in a basketball tournament to win the championship. Several people from Louisville come out to watch the tournament and to honor Corson. While the Alephs play basketball, BBGs have always either watched them play or participate in sisterhood activities. These can consist of yoga, painting, a barre class, and more. 

This year KIO BBGs had the opportunity to play in their first-ever half-court tournament, with chapters going head to head to see who would come out on top. From being the star player on a team to cheering on the players on the court, everyone had an important role that Saturday morning and afternoon. Personally, I am not very good at basketball but I still had so much fun, and I even got to step out of my comfort zone and take a chance out on the court.

On Sunday morning, KIO came back together to watch the championship game. The two teams that made it to the finals were B’yachad SG BBG #43 from Indianapolis and Jay Levine BBG #1508 from Louisville. Both teams had already won two games, so it was going to be a close and very intense competition. Tons of people showed up to watch the two teams play in a (literally) nail-biting game. Jay Levine came out on top, but not easily. Both teams played their hardest and the best they could.

Overall, Basketball Convention was a huge success, and everyone who went had an amazing time, made more memories, and had fun. This convention proved that BBGs can do anything AZAs can do and shows all the spirit that they bring to the region. Their games were just as intense but were just as fun! It will be exciting to come back next year and see which chapter will come out on top!

Дженна Шапс - представительница BBG из штата Кентукки, штат Индиана, штат Огайо, и любит тесто для печенья.

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