Красота девушки Бнай Брит: 6-кратная программа 1210 года "Вдохновляющая".

1 апреля 2020 года
Тесс Риттенберг

Денвер, Колорадо, США

класс 2021 года

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On December 15, my chapter, CSGAY BBG #1210, came together one last time before finals and the end of the term. First, we watched a video about domestic violence and wrote cards to spread love and support to female domestic violence victims.

Then, we challenged stereotypes we faced and lifted ourselves up while looking in the mirror. On personalized mirrors, we wrote positive words to describe ourselves and then passed the mirrors around and wrote positive words about our other sisters!

After we felt truly beautiful inside and out, we learned about a fantastic project called Operation Beautiful. Operation Beautiful is a project where anonymous messages are left around ordinary places to lift people. We decided to help with this mission by writing anonymous notes for the RMR BBGs at January meetings. Those notes were extraordinarily well-received and showed that one small act of kindness could genuinely brighten someone’s day.

Through this program, we learned that from a sticky note to a mirror, small acts of kindness could show the true beauty of being a B’nai Brith Girl.

Tess Rittenberg is a BBG from CSGAY BBG #1210 in Rocky Mountain Region and is a choir kid that loves spooey.

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