Мичиганский регион начинает подготовку к Региональной конвенции

17 января 2020 года
Сара Голдман

Уэст Блумфилд, Мичиган, США.

класс 2020 года

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From December 21st through December 25th, Michigan Region gathered at the West Bloomfield JCC day in and day out for their Regional Convention (RC). But, what makes Michigan Region’s RC unique, is that participating members in each chapter begin preparing for the convention in October, a mere two months before the convention begins. 

Members across the 13 different Michigan chapters will compete over the course of five thrilling days in competitions ranging from a pie-eating contest to soccer, to a lip sync battle. Along with the regional RC coordinators, each chapter typically has 1-3 of their own chapter RC coordinators, who organize the logistics of how the convention will look on the chapter level, and coordinate the chapter’s song, cheer, and talent performances-- deemed The Big Three. All the competitions have point values associated with them, but The Big Three are worth more than any other 37 competitions. Thus, chapters take The Big Three very seriously, which is why the preparation for the convention takes place so far in advance. Chapter RC coordinators tend to hold semiweekly RC practices months before the convention, in order to teach the entire chapter their song, talent, and cheer, as well as practice the acts repeatedly.

The actual convention lasts five days, where time is spent decked out in chapter spirit wear, competing at the JCC, and at nightly chapter sleepovers, where members have time to bond. It is not uncommon that chapters spend a significant amount of time at their sleepovers rehearsing The Big Three the night before their performances because those competitions are spread out throughout the convention. At The Big Three performances, community members gather to watch the chapters perform at the JCC, making it a tremendous experience for the chapter members, as well as the family and friends who are onlookers. At the convention’s Closing Ceremonies, the AZA and the BBG chapter with the highest amount of points won throughout RC will receive the sought after Most Distinguished Chapter award. Other awards, such as the Brotherhood and Sisterhood award, the Sportsmanship Award, the MVP award, and more, are also awarded to chapters for various reasons, and some even include monetary prizes for the chapter’s bank account.

Michigan Region’s Regional Convention is a remarkably unique experience for all the Alephs and BBGs who are able to attend. The five days are an excellent way for attendees to create unforgettable memories and unbreakable bonds with their chapters and regions, as well as to participate in some friendly competition.

Sarah Goldman is a BBG from Michigan Region.

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