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5 ноября 2019 года
Элиза Файгин

Уэст Блумфилд, Мичиган, США.

класс 2020 года

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The best time of the year is upon us: the air is cool, the leaves are changing colors, and everything is pumpkin spice flavored. Fall (and the Jewish holidays that happen during this season) have always been my favorite. A few days after the end of Sukkot, Emunah BBG #156 got together to celebrate the season with an autumn-inspired event. Combining creativity and sisterhood, we played bonding games, drank apple cider and painted mini-pumpkins. With around twenty members and eight prospects in attendance, this was one of Emunah’s highest attended events so far this programming year!

It was the nicest day Michigan had seen all week. It felt like the sun had come out just for us. While the cider and donuts were a great snack, and the games filled the yard with laughter, the pumpkin painting was the highlight. The BBGs painted many designs on our pumpkins: bumblebees, flowers, smiley faces, along with countless other mini works of art.

It was all smiles and laughter during the event, and by the end, everyone was covered in shades of paint, even the dog. Celebrating fall with your sisters by your side is sure to fill anyone with joy, so next time the season comes around don’t hesitate to get a pumpkin, a can of paint, your closest friends and prepare to have some fun!

Eliza Faigin is a BBG from Emunah BBG #156 in Michigan Region and her favorite fruit is blueberries.

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