Международная конвенция J-Lab

17 февраля 2019 года
Эмили Лейфер

Санивейл, Калифорния, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2019 года

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International Convention is so much more than the grand plenaries and exciting ceremonies; there are also so many smaller but thoughtfully planned out details to make sure every part of the convention is an experience to remember. The newly improved J-Lab is one of these experiences. Facilitated by staff member Alana Ebin, the J-Lab is a creative and interactive Jewish play space where teens can learn and explore their personal Judaism in an interesting way. It features a variety of standing exhibits, Instagram-worthy photo walls, and pop-up sessions happening every day. The sessions are offered in four different languages, and so far about 500 people have been in and out of the learning space.

This Saturday featured quite the unique experience—a soda-making workshop that taught the Jewish inspirations on seltzer and soda, led by Jonathan Posner, a rabbinical student at the Jewish Theological Seminar. After lessons of the Jewish history of soda, participants got a chance to create their own sodas and taste some creative flavors for themselves. Beyond just being a lighthearted program, it offered a simple way to gain a Judaic perspective on something so typical in our lives. As Jonathan said, “You can find holiness in simple things, like the mundaneness of drinking soda.”

Эмили Лейфер - BBG в иерусалимском городе Шел-Захав BBG #1516 в Центральном регионе Запада.

Все мнения, высказанные по содержанию, написанному для "Шофара", представляют собой мнения и мысли отдельных авторов. Биография автора представляет автора в то время, когда он находился на сайте BBYO.

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