The Senior New Member Weekend Experience

December 3, 2019
Lauren Katz

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Class of 2021

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A new member weekend is an exciting time for the teens of any region. In GAR, Greater Atlanta Region, seniors are expected lead for the weekend and they become a resource for younger members. I had the honor of interviewing a senior from my chapter that attended New Member Weekend and learned about her experience as an upperclassman. Below is the script from my interview with her:

L: Tell me a little bit about the senior experience at GAR’s new member convention.

S: It was really great to be able to introduce new members to BBYO and show them why we (Seniors) still participate. Being able to talk at senior separates was something that I had always looked forward to since my new member weekend and hopefully, it was inspirational for the freshmen.

L: What specifically did you share during your senior separates?

S: I personally have gotten so much out of summer experiences after going on CLTC at Bethany College and attending a full Perlman Summer. I talked about how I had met my best friends who I speak to every day and that I love so much. Having friends outside of your region makes the BBYO experience so unique and I hope that the freshmen really try to go on summer programs.

Lauren Katz is a proud member of B’yachad BBG #2495 of Greater Atlanta Region.

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