You Know You're in BBYO When...

1 февраля 2019 года
Брук Левитт

Орландо, Флорида, Соединенные Штаты.

класс 2019 года

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1. You own more BBYO clothes than regular clothes.

Over the years you have accumulated so many different types of BBYO t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc, that your wardrobe is all BBYO. When you graduate and give away all of your t-shirts, you say to yourself, “I have nothing to wear anymore”.

2. Your parents can’t wait for you to give life so you can get rid of all of the bins you have in the corner of your room.

Every parent is dreaming of the day you give life so you move the bins you have placed in many corners of your house. They are tired of all the stuff lying around.

3. Most of your best friends don’t live in the same city, state, or country as you.

As amazing as summer programs are, you always dread the time you say goodbye  because that means you have to go seven months without seeing your best friends.  But don’t worry, you’ll get to see them soon enough at #AZABBGIC2019

4. No matter where you go on a family trip, you always have friends to go visit.

On the plus side, having friends all around the world means that when you go on trips you always have an escape from your family. Seeing your friends makes the trip 1000 times better.

5. Jewish Geography is your favorite game.

No matter who you play with you know someone. Whether that might be your camp best friend or your mom’s best friend’s neighbor.

6. You have always have an icebreaker ready to go.

Thanks to the numerous programs attended over the years you know more icebreakers than you can imagine. Starbursts, ice cream flavors, and get to know you games are all too familiar.

7. You are skilled in packing snacks for conventions.

You always make sure to buy more than you can eat because your friends eat more of your food than you do.

8. You are a professional at making Top 10 lists.

Making these lists can really make sitting through those long elections more exciting!

9. Puffy paint was your go-to when decorating.

Decorating candles, clipboards, fanny packs, jackets is never complete without the extra touch of puffy paint.

10. Going back to school on the Monday after a convention was impossible.

Exhausted, sick, and loss of voice is never the best combination for attending school, especially on a Monday.

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